Enjoy the best of home cooked flavors with the best Chilean recipes all given a gourmet touch and served with a view of the Rio Claro.

Located just steps from the river and next to the cabins. With a capacity of up to 50 diners, the restaurant is located in the heart of Shangri-la.

Dishes from our kitchen are strong and tasty, very in tune with the environment of the area, with a fresh menu prepared for our diners daily.

For events we can prepare many dishes including Patagonian lamb kebabs, grilled meat skewers buffet and a variety of gourmet side dishes.


“We were more than surprised with the place, service is excellent, the staff always with smiles and happy to help, the place is beautiful and the owners always make sure there are plenty of activities” Maite

“A wonderful place”
“Shangrila Lodge is a place where young and old alike have much to discover and enjoy; trekking, horseback riding, massages, hot tub, swimming in the river, and good food” Christian

“Excellent to leave the everyday noise”