About Us


Shangri-La is named after an ancient Tibetan legend that speaks about the existence of a place in the world, where you can get to harmonize the mind and spirit, and the body does not age.

We go back to the 50s with a Russian architect named Boris Krivoss, who was exiled to Siberia after the Russian Revolution of 1917, who was going on a fishing trip along the Claro River, discovered a hidden place, called by the locals “La Tricahuera” (place where the tricahues parrots nest).

For years, this place was visited by different characters, friends and acquaintances of Boris, of which there are endless anecdotes and stories that we can tell.

This is how this tourist complex was born, which has been visited by hundreds of tourists who love outdoor adventure and healthy living. In fact, this corner is considered a spiritual reserve where man can connect with mother nature.

Many things have happened in these 70 years, and our family history is linked to this place, when our parents, José Manuel Carvallo and Marisol Ocampo, came to spend the summer and bought Shangri-La from an elderly Boris who did not have the strength to continue with this dream.

During these 40 years we have done everything possible to maintain the essence of Shangri-la, life in the open air, contact with nature, conservation and reforestation.

We invite you to discover and take care of Shangri-la, here you will find many beautiful corners